Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


The battle of Al 'Re Dschun is the biggest battle in history with the armies of Minotaurs and lizards. The mages notice a decrease in magic, while in the churches it is noted that prayers are increasingly answered. The darkness, which is now called Shadow World, approaches the continent.

Basic tendencies

  • The century of chaos
  • The magic level decreases (magic level 4)
  • The faith awakens (faith level 2)

The century of chaos

First magic covens realize that their magic is slowly leaving them again (magic level 4). Although this leads to minor concerns on the part of the covens, it is seen as a mostly normal fluctuation.

More and more often there are big offensives of the Banners of the Bull, the Serpent, the Dark Dwarves in the northern Al Bah Jira. The balance of the largest battle of this century, victorious for Humans, Dwarves and Elves (to which are added about 10 more with about 1/3 to 1/4 of the troops each/losses, many with far fewer losses for the opponents. This is mainly due to the fact that the Elves have few but very strong combat troops, but they are not present everywhere).

The battle at Al 'Re Dschun (northern plains of Al Bah Jira) Duration: 2,5 days Human banner 6.000 men / 2210 killed, 2841 wounded Elven banner 100 Elves / 2 killed Dwarven banner 2000 Dwarves/ 1612 killed, 0 wounded (=according to the Dwarves!!!) Wargear: light catapult 10x / 7x destroyed heavy catapult 5x / 2x destroyed

Bull banner 3500 bulls completely wiped out Lizard banner 1000 warriors 100 priests / ca. 700 killed / rest escaped) Dark Dwarves 3500 warriors / ca. 2000 killed/200 captured / rest uncertain) Wargear. light catapult 7x / heavy catapult 15x / all completely destroyed during the escape of the lizard banner to not fall into the hands of the enemy.

Under the pressure of the war front slowly expanding to the north, there is a resurgence of the Inquisition Magica. Young fanatics, in the footsteps of the Inquisition tradition, begin to target high-ranking followers of the magic circles with their very professional assassinations. They justify it with an urgently necessary change of policy, a meaningful leadership of the armies etc., but mix this with occult traditions and a sect-like cult rite, which is partly adopted even by the poorer parts of the population. More and more important decision makers of the Enlightened Empires are thus eliminated and parts of the army leadership collapse. This has an immediate effect on the fronts and by the end of the century half of Yavon and Hadewald are under the hoof of the bulls. Yadosien now officially acknowledges its new "allies".

Almost unnoticeable in the hustle and bustle of these days is the return of the religions. Chronar, Nadal and Algor temples and brother/sisterhoods are slowly spreading all over the north of the country (faith level 2). In connection with the Inquisition Magica, there are also rumors of a resurgence of the Herbarin, whose power is probably used by some disciples of this cult.

At the end of the century, the shadow world has almost reached the southern continent, shipping is hardly possible here, it is said that the dark grabs the ships as if with huge hands and devours them.


  • 502 EC Magic covens and guilds notice a waning of magic. It is dismissed as a normal fluctuation of power.
  • 506 EC Algor becomes certain of himself as a deity and leaves his human body to ascend to heaven.
  • 511 EC In the Battle of Akarra, royal forces bring the eastern Minotaur war port under their control.
  • 511 EC The Battle of Al 'Re Jun occurs, the largest battle on the Al Bah JiRa front. The conflict lasts for three days.
  • 512 EC In response to the fall of Akarra, the Minotaur/Echsian army strikes back with unprecedented force, ignoring Akarra and cutting the city off from the north with a naval blockade.
  • 512 EC A magical accident leads to the creation of the lizard Demons, see Lizard Magic.
  • 512 EC A grand meeting of the Orcs, Katora and Kroto'Chim, takes place in the land of Katora. During this meeting, Mahrdur, the king of the Orcs, and his son Muhar are killed. Rumors say that the lizard demon Chephrenesil the Whisperer has his fingers in the game.
  • 515 EC Young fanatics found the Inquisition Magica again. Immediately, they begin bloody attacks against mages.
  • 515 EC Andreus Mathroles Maximus grabs power in Meridian and unsuccessfully proclaims himself Emperor. His downfall is later described as the Great Coup.
  • 517 EC The Inquisition Magica grows very quickly and soon regains influence. Its practices mix with occult tratitions.
  • 517 EC The great procession begins, overshadowed by dark omens, at Ansmouth in Asgoran.
  • 520 EC The Algor Temple in Thenon is rededicated in a great ceremony, announcing the return of faith to Asgoran.
  • 522 EC Anwin Hornstett, Robes of Arnau, and Waldfried of Goldfurt, all high decision makers in the armies are killed by the IM.
  • 526 EC Chaos spreads through the military structures. The Hadewald front collapses.
  • 535 EC Chaos and incompetence also reigns in the military in Yavon. Supplies for defensive lines on the front collapse.
  • 537 EC The Council of Elentrea, a particularly conservative church, is formed in Yavon from the merger of several monastic orders.
  • 550 EC The cult of the dead god Herbarin makes its appearance in Hadewald.
  • 590 EC The shadow world almost reaches the southern continent. Among sailors it is already more than a legend.