Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


The Katora clans call the lands in southern Toran their own. The Katora are not really a fixed group, but rather an association of individual clans. Only on special occasions can the drums of the Katora be heard beating to initiate great orc gatherings or war campaigns. Like the Kroto'Chim, the Katora worship the god Akhrosch. It was Akhrosch who was once the first of the Orcs. Even today he gives the shamans of the nations their powers. Among the Katora there are also different-minded clans, probably the three largest are listed here (all in all, it is assumed that there are a good 20 different main clans).

The M'harwar

One of the largest clans, probably numbering around 20,000 Orcs, are the warlike M'harwar, who grow to a height of 2 steps. Their appearance is savage and warlike, hung with shrunken heads and equipped with a wide variety of leather and chain armour. Their main weapons are axes and crude spears. The Mharwar are also known for their widespread and dark shamanism. The Mharwar worship dark idols and their shamans are skilled in all kinds of low-level incantations. The Mharwar are considered extremely aggressive, even among the Orcs, and especially despise the Morgalas.

The Hchan'uk

With a good 10,000 Orcs, the Hchan'uk form a medium-sized clan. Their followers are generally considered to be peaceful and usually roam the lands of the Katora as nomads in smaller family groups.

The Dsch'hranar

This clan numbers around 5,000 Orcs. They are considered to be particularly reclusive and shy, hardly any Tirakans get to see them. Their shamanistic abilities are not only known among the Orcs, they are well versed in elementalism and healing, but also in demonology.

The King of the Katora

Mahrdur, the king of the Orcs, plays a special role within the clans. He roams the lands of the Katora with his M'harwarheer, a good 5000 Orcs strong, and claims the title of king for himself. So brutal is his action, so feared is he himself, as he possesses two heads in addition to his size, that even the Hchan'uk and some of the Dsch'hranar submit to him. The origin of Mahrdur is unknown, the first stories about him appear in the 6th century around 500 EC.

Allegedly, Mahrdur was slain in the 6th century by his son Muhar, who was also killed shortly afterwards under unclear circumstances at a large meeting of the orc tribes. For a short period of time, the Kroto'Chim leader Ashnuuk took over the leadership of the Katora as well as the Kroto'Chim.