Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


From: "The Truth about the World" collection of writings, approx. 2000-3000 years old, unknown authors (at least 3) "From the depths of the lower being, Aspersia created those in her image who would henceforth be driven through the dark paths of the underworld. Beings of the same form, carrying with them, as it were, their origin, as well as a piece of Aspersia's arrogance. In the sign of the spear with the mark of horns they will fight, and blood will be shed upon the land."

From: Nimbrad's Diaries - A Meridian Seafarer 1st Century "...and I saw the sea seething, and my ship began to rock. It was as if the earth itself coughed as a huge island emerged from the depths of the water on the horizon. Hardly anyone on board could keep on his feet as the waves crashed into our good "Lore", and it would not have taken much to capsize us."

From: Thesis Magica - Volume 2 of the Threads of Power - Neron of Alderslehn 5th Century "...and therefore the nature of this lizardic magic is not only alien, but also wholly unlearnable (so far) by nonlizards. Their cruel rites seem to have no astral normal reference, nor is their magic unravellable when viewed magically, but at the same time unmistakable. Like a nest of snakes, the structures interweave the uncontrollable with conventional handling. It is not impossible that once a human or rather an elf could master this magical form, but at what price I do not want to guess...".

From: My Diaries - Albert de Amsuine - Compilation of Writings and Texts of the General, 327 found. "Year 322 Day 57: I shall never forget this day and it accompanies me when I wake and sleep. Grace and cruelty are so close, I still hear her strange voice in my ear...when can I forget?" "Year 324 Day 80: I xxxxxxxx her voice in xxxxxxxx head and I can talk xxxxxxx her...I am xxxxxxxx I can control xxxxxxxxx but xxxxxxxxxx the key...I xxxxxxx her mind, yes xxxxxx me the master" x = illegible scribble

The origins of this different and cruel race lie in the demon sphere (see also Dragons). Abominably different they are, as no life seems to be worth anything to them, not even their own. Unconditionally these creatures sacrifice themselves to their rites and for their goals. Their magic is not of this world, one of the reasons why lizard magic does not appear until the 5th century, but then continues to function constantly while the rest of the world loses its magic again. Shortly after their appearance in the 4th century, the devious lizards take over the army leadership from the Minotaurs - a circumstance Taurus is not happy about. It is still unclear how this alliance came about, presumably the answer to this question is to be found, like so much else, in The Shadow World|Shadow World.

The lizards are supported by the 4-step tall, 2-legged toad-like fighting creatures Matach.

In the 6th century, Telatoon, with the help of human black magicians, manages to summon the lizard Demons, who appear on Tirakan by accident. Also in this period, lizard priests manage to place mind-manipulating artefacts in the largest cities of the Djhurdass barbarians. By the 9th century, these barbarians develop into mindless slaves of the lizards.

In addition to the powerful lizard priests and the lizard warriors, Telatoon creates the physically weaker but very numerous creatures of the lizard pack in Yadosien 724 EC. These smaller lizards are a real danger to the human armies, especially because of their large numbers.

The individual lizards have the same stats, here is an overview of the individual types:

All lizards are immensely restricted in their movement in the cold of the night.

The ten high priests

Tall, almost 2 steps tall, gaunt lizard type with Die Machatis|Machatis draped in priestly robes. The High Priests are the first 10 lizards to follow Telatoon, they are recognisable by their purple/purple heads and some have more powerful abilities than their subordinate priests. The high priests act on Telatoon's direct orders and are able to make Telatoon speak through themselves. They are considered the harbingers of the Lizard Majesty.... It has been shown that the Ten, as they are also called, are not susceptible to the cold of the night like their fellows.

The Warrior Human-sized lizard type, wears light chain mail and is armed with metal spear/sword.

The Matach Nearly 4 step tall toad-like creatures, created by the priests from human sacrifices. The creatures are controlled by priests via One on the battlefield, it is also said to be possible for the priests to transfer their spirit into one of the Matach.

The Lizard Pack These small gedukt walking editions of the lizard warriors were created by Telatoon himself. They are perverted creatures of war, with strength only in numbers. They are hung with a smorgasbord of captured equipment and appear with a wide variety of weapons. This does not stop them from fighting mainly with claws and teeth.

Djhurdass barbarians

Barbarian tribe ruled by the lizards. There are probably about 150,000 Djhurdass barbarians, of which about 100,000 are dominated by the lizards. This barbarian tribe knows no magic. The warriors' wild red painted heads, as well as their countless rings and tattoos, are a fearsome sight on any battlefield. The lizards use their war chant as part of the ritual of breaking the will.

301 - Day 14 Taurus descended the sweeping stairs of his palace. The giant bull's mood had reached a low point, not only because Caltae had refused to exchange a word with him for weeks now, let alone give him a look that wasn't filled with hatred. Caltae was angry and he couldn't blame her. Still: they needed these new allies, for despite all the reports of victory and battles won, the road north became more arduous. Elves were now giving his troops a hard time and had even gone so far that the construction of the Blood Wall had to be partly stopped or moved further south. It was time for a breath of fresh air on the front, and it was to come from the lizards. He had asked her, begged her, finally even ordered her, but Caltae would not hear of meeting Telatoon and her entourage in person...when the latter had explicitly asked for it. "Pathetic lizard" Taurus thought contemptuously, but even he felt uneasy about this strange priestess and her entourage. There was something not normal about her, it was as if she was not of this world, as if she was at odds with being as such. Taurus shook himself and snorted. He, Taurus, would not let any lizard soften his knees, not he! And if Caltae did not wish to meet Telatoon, it was her right. Taurus decided to remind Telatoon once more who was in charge of the army. He would have to give this lizard a good washing, he thought. She would see! Finally, the oversized bull came to a halt in front of the main gate of his palace. He sucked his lungs full of air one last time and expelled, then with a strong voice he ordered his guards to open the gate and strutted out with a swollen chest to receive the lizard troop. "I'll show her," he muttered. Less than 10 minutes later he returned to beg Caltae one last time to pay his respects to the lizard priestess... A little later, Caltae followed him outside the city.

511 - Day 102 The flames finally died down after consuming the surrounding forest. The bodies of the 12 black mages lay charred on the ground, their burnt faces etched with expressions of utter horror. Telatoon walked through the sacrificial area, paying no attention to her dead human slaves. Her gaze was fixed on what had survived the conflagration: a small, black pearl. Its curves were absolutely perfect and had a mirror-like surface. Its cold aura made Telatoon shiver with happiness as she lifted the small object from the altar. In her mind she could see faces, new faces, and with them came the lizard's new power.... The lizard Demons were born.