Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


The first age is a distant time when the gods become aware of themselves and the travelers enter the world.

Basic tendencies

  • A long time ago
  • The magic is chaotic (magic level 7)
  • There are no believers (belief level 0)

It happened at a time when there were neither humans nor elves and dwarves in the world. At that time, called the First Age, there were only the gods and wayfarers from a distant, unknown world. The gods were eleven siblings, daughters and sons of unknown parents. Their names were Chronar, Nadal, Algor, Thzularn, Dogan, Ishaa'Nra, Ranorh, Seth'Nra, Rhodd'hrom, Herbarin and Dhas'Garyll. They had been there since time immemorial, and they did not know who had created them, nor how long the world had existed. Even where the strange wayfarers came from was beyond their power.

After a long time of harmony, the gods got into a dispute that would separate the siblings forever. Cronar, Nadal, Algor and Herbarin left the divine realm, retreating to the farthest corners of their known world. The other siblings, filled with an infinite rage, devised a diabolical plan to drive the hated brothers and sisters away forever. Since gods cannot kill each other, the seven traitors challenged their siblings to a contest in which the loser would be banished forever. They threatened to destroy forever the world with its primitive races such as orcs, humans or dwarves, who meanwhile lived on it.


  • 9000 b.EC The travelers reach Tirakan in anticipation of a terrible war.
  • 8000 b.EC The gods become aware of themselves, the first age begins
  • 7500 b.EC The feud of the gods begins with the destruction of the cultures by the traitors