8th century

In the eighth century, Taurus should finally join the Humans to stand against the Lizard. Powerful events cast their shadows ahead, causing some Titans to rise up and step onto the world.

8th century 8th century

In the eighth century, Taurus should finally join the Humans to stand against the Lizard. Powerful events cast their shadows ahead, causing some Titans to rise up and step onto the world.

Basic tendencies

  • The Century of the Titans (The Titans manifest)
  • Magic continues to wane (magic level 2)
  • The churches are gaining strength (faith level 4)

The century of the Titans, proclaimed by Zyral's appearance.

For the first time, a Titan intervenes in a battle. It is Zyral who gives birth to a flame creature that devours a huge army of mainly lizards. For Taurus, the word of the Titans is one last reason among many, and he causes his troops to regroup. Seemingly behind the lizards' backs, he has decided to put an end to their doings. Also, Taurus is reluctantly forced to vacate the Minoton, though it would be possible for him to stay there, but a life behind the darkness line sends a shiver down the spine of even the giant bull.

More and more, the magic circles are losing their influence. They are replaced by religious states and associations, bishoprics and religious communities. The religions reach the level 4 in power, nevertheless also like at that time under the magicians so some seem to want to use their newly won power only for the own advantage, so that straight to the end of the century also the dark religions come to ever stronger bloom.

Yadosien's dark mountain continues to form in this century. Pointed, grotesque-looking towers, jagged balcony projections, maul-like entrances, dark shafts and embrasures, and tangled rondels form everywhere on the slopes of the now 1000-meter-high elevation, and by the end of the century it seems to have found its final height there as well. At night the formations reflect the singing that seems to come more and more from the top of the mountain. At night, the ghastly sounds can be heard far out into the surrounding countryside. They even creep into the dreams of sleeping people.

For the first time, the Asgoran war machine combines war equipment with a clerical component and achieves considerable success. So-called prayer towers are erected at the edge of the battlefield where, protected by a banner each, warriors, priests and shamans pray specifically for emerging strategic situations. In this way, some hopeless battles are won and the mainly Echsian, Morgalian armies are pushed back to the north of Yardosia.

Magic increasingly leaves the world (magic level 2). With its dwindling foundation, the "Inquisition Inquisition Magika" also disappears almost completely, except for a few desperate fanatics who are henceforth hunted as outlaws. Rumor has it that there was an attempt by some covens to bring back magic through a particular incantation. According to the stories, none of the summoners survived this probably very sinister ritual.

Parts of the "Brotherhood of the Right Way" and the "Organikrats" take over influential state offices and work closely with the clerical circles. At last, what had previously been considered impossible succeeds: the reorganization of a solid front line. One of the reasons is probably that Taurus deliberately refrains from further thrusting attacks on the weak human front.

The darkness pushes further and further to the north. By the end of the century, its border is halfway across the southern continent in relation to Yadosia. With the appearance of the Titans, darkness is also looming ever larger. It is said that troops who step into the shadow of a stone or a tree on the battlefield fall into the shadow as into a hole. There are more and more reports of such strange occurrences, even that one's own shadows try to strangle one or trip one up. As a consequence, most of the troops carry twice the amount of torches and lamps.

The real storm of the hoof begins.


  • 701 EC The tower inside Yadosien reaches a size with which it is to be seen also outside Yadosien. Rumors circulate that it is a breeding ground for lizards on the mainland.
  • 701 EC Zyral manifests and devours an entire army of lizards.
  • 703 EC The Council of Elentrea unites Yavon and rules from then on. The first Centinaro is elected as part of the election of the Centinaros, head of the Council and the state church of Yavon. A divine state is created, quite according to the will of the people.
  • 707 EC Attila of Cambrella falls in battle with the archdemon Brahas near Thenon.
  • 708 EC Djhurdass barbarians fight alongside the lizards for the first time, Minotaurs are seldom seen on the front lines.
  • 722 EC Taurus finally joins the Human Alliance. What should be welcome support against the Shadows is accepted with reluctance.
  • 722 EC It begins what becomes known as the true Storm of the Hoof: Taurus opens a new front primarily against the Lizards to the south.
  • 724 EC Alongside the Djhurdass barbarians, the lizard pack, created in the dark mountain of Yadosien, now stand to assist the lizard army.
  • 730 EC Toran bans the Church of the Council within its borders.
  • 735 EC Together, the three towers rise from the ground. They begin to hover about half a mile above the ground, wiping out all life in the area. The First Blood Sacrifice of the Shadows occurs.
  • 738 EC Propelled by the concussion of the Force, Ce-Nya, Ginae, and Rogal rise from the depths and emerge onto the world.
  • 739 EC The Chalice of Algor becomes the first artifact of the Objects of Light to be recovered from the Shadow World, and is brought to Merid by an unidentified Meridian Legionnaire.
  • 750 EC Diego Fernano Cortez begins an expedition to the chasms of the world to the east.
  • 755 EC Enlivened by the presence of the Titans, the Gargoyles rise to new life. They return to the world from the canyons of the mountains.
  • 773 EC An ancient temple is uncovered in southern Asgoran. In addition to the depiction of the Gods and Traitors, there is also the depiction of two other identical god beings. The legend of the twin Gods, namely Ascal and Lacsa, emerges.
  • 782 EC The tomb of the feuding elven princes Anwahadel and Laijhama is plundered in Toran near the Wild Willows, the ancient spell that once surrounded the place broken. The mighty beings rise from their graves and continue their millennia-old struggle. Finally, a small group of gifted people succeed in banishing the two beings back to their tombs.