Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Rogal is the titan of the ore, protector titan of the forge. His son Taurus is served by the Minotaurs, human-like beings with heads like those of bulls. The Minotaurs live deep beneath the surface and are said to be the only beings in contact with the cursed Morgalas.

Rogal is associated with steadfastness and loyalty.

From the "Encyclopaedia Legendia Volume III, page 210, 3rd paragraph" about Taurus: "Mightily thunder the bull's hooves on Tirakan's face. Woe to him who opposes his legions, defies his horns. For know, mortals, he is not of this world..."

Taurus is considered the sole god of every Minotaur, they are even physically linked to him. He is often equated with war and conquest.