Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


In the fourth century, the lizard priestess Telatoon reveals herself to mankind through the commander Albert de Amsuine. Further alliances are made with elves and dwarves and the gnomes are sought. According to tales and ancient records, these could bring a decisive turn in the war with the bulls.

Basic tendencies

  • The Century of Dawn (Proclaimed by Leijhoher, confidant of the elves)
  • Magic reaches a new peak (magic level 4)
  • Faith does not matter (faith level 1)

The century of dawn (proclaimed by Leijhoher, confidant of the elves)

In addition, the Century of the Serpent (proclaimed by Telatoon, lizard priestess).

Leijhoher did not appear, but everyone knew he spoke. In dream/daydream or thought - he had been there. His voice was soft but it spoke of the dying of the world. The darkness behind Taurus would grow and the elven people would be helpless against it like the humans and dwarves. Only an alliance could shift the structure of the world now.

A raiding party of 1500 humans and 500 dwarves reaches the Blood Wall to test the strength of the enemy. With the most brutal force, the war machine of the bulls and the lizards strikes and destroys the whole troop, except for the human commander Albert de Amsuine. Before his eyes appears a serpentine figure with a naked woman's torso, who openly scorns the prophecy of the Leijhoher, and instead proclaims the Century of the Serpent. The Lizard Folk Power has come to take her place as mistress of creation, she is the new race born to form a new world. Amsuine stays alive to deliver the message to the kingdoms, it spreads like wildfire.

Under the pressure of the events, the state powers of the kingdoms go to the mage covens represented in each place. Except for Yadosia, which maintains its form of government, but in which the Ministry of Magic grows into an exceptionally strong power. At a joint meeting, the magical representatives of the Circles decide on the military consolidation of the individual armies of the kingdoms and a closer coordination with the dwarven armies. Meanwhile, the number of refugee armies is growing. More and more southern peoples, barbarian tribes and gypsy clans are faced with the choice of leaving their lands or being imprisoned behind the Blood Wall. Minoutaur slave catchers spread fear throughout the land, and eerie tales circulate of the lizard creatures that are said to travel with them.

The Inquisition Magica goes underground and forms a conspiratorial community of magic opponents who are willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

The first elven troops arrive and join the humans and dwarves.

The Army of the Hoof begins to take northern Al Bah Jira to continue building the Blood Wall. This becomes more than a wall, it is developed into an abstract system of roads, heavily guarded and almost impregnable. Taurus, the Morgalas and the Lizards are able to strike faster and faster in the southern part of the continent. The number of refugees seems almost small compared to the number of enslaved. Supposedly, you can hear their agonized throats as you approach the Blood Wall.

Secret expeditions primarily from Asgoran begin searching for the gnomes, possibly to forge an alliance with them.

Magic continues to swell in strength. (Magic level 4).


  • 312 EC Under commander Albert de Amsuine, a strike force of 1500 humans and 500 dwarves grinds up in front of the Blood Wall.
  • 312 EC Albert de Amsuine delivers the revelation of the Lizard Priestess to the yadosian people.
  • 330 EC The Inquisition Magica disappears underground and forms a conspiratorial community of magic opponents.
  • 1.1. 343 EC Under the pressure of events, the kingdoms of Hadewald and Asgoran are turned over to the Mage Guilds.
  • 343 EC Meridian establishes official relations with the Silkanda elves.
  • 344 EC Former Asgoran King Feran XIV hangs himself from the fountain in the Great Market in Thenon.
  • 356 EC The mage guilds decide to merge armies across realm borders.
  • 357 EC Closer coordination with the armies of Fraxut is decided.
  • 380 EC Increasingly, the flow of refugees from the south is growing. Many are given the choice of leaving their country or dying.
  • 386 EC First troops of the Silkanda arrive in Yadosia.
  • 388 EC In the Battle of Golden Field and the Battle of Hell Valley, human, Fraxut, and Silkanda troops achieve their first real successes.
  • 390 EC The army of the Minotaurs takes northern Al Bah JiRa. The Blood Wall continues to be expanded.
  • 391 EC The rulers of Hadewald, Asgoran, Meridian, Toran, and Yavon proclaim the Alliance of the Illumined Realms.
  • 399 EC Secret expeditions are launched from Asgoran to find the Gnomes.