Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


After an immeasurable period of time, the Age of Men, the Fourth Age, dawned. After the long period of the Gargoyles, the Titans were slowly weakening again, and time was preparing for the war to flare up again.

The Gargoyles weakened along with their allies, many freezing at this time. The Elves retreated to the corners of the world, and the primitive peoples of the world could grow undisturbed. They built cities, waged wars and traded, and created great empires. At some point during this time, the legendary March of the Bulls is also said to have occurred and ended. For a short time, at least according to old songs and legends, the world was firmly united under the hoof of the Minotaur and their leader and son of the gods, Taurus. But little is known or preserved about this former world empire, nor is it certain why these mighty armies disappeared so quickly back into the far corners of the world where they once came from. It almost seems as if time itself had swept them away and forgotten them. Finally, after centuries in which the rule of Taurus was already forgotten, peace returned to the world of humans, and the elves and gargoyles were also forgotten. The other peoples also turned away from the humans, and after centuries of the human era, all these peoples were only legends. It is a peaceful time, and the human peoples have united and settled most of their wars. Magic has also become very weak, as Dilae, like all Titans, has lost power. Thus, the present world is a quiet place of humans and their strange neighbors, the winged Ones.

The world of the humans is divided into four great empires.

The human world is divided into four great empires.

  • In the south the Sharifat of Al Bah Jira.
  • South of the rock sea Elentrea, the realm of the priest emperors
  • North of the rock sea from 397 b.EC the young empire Meridian
  • In the north the old advanced civilization of the Quitaron


  • 2000 BC After the power of the Titans and Doldagor ebbed, the Age of Man began.
  • 1500 b.EC The Elves retreated back into the forests. From now on, they would exist only as legends in the world of men.
  • 1400 b.EC For a short time, a hitherto unknown race of bulls arose from nowhere and marched in a campaign, like a march of the bulls over the still young human races (see Minotaurs).
  • 1000 b.EC As unexpectedly as the bulls had appeared in the world, they disappeared again, almost without leaving a trace.
  • 1000 b.EC - 400 b.EC The human peoples flourish, in the south the priestly kingdom of Elentrea arises, in the north the remains of the Quitaron high culture are found.
  • 620 b.EC The Brotherhood of the Right Faith of Elentrea is founded in Elentrea.
  • 600 b.EC The priestly kingdom of Elentrea disintegrates in civil unrest. The Palace of Light in the city of Elentrea is nearly destroyed.
  • 600 b.EC The Holy Staff of the Priest Emperors disappears without a trace. Likewise, several paintings depicting the staff go missing.
  • 402 b.EC The Kingdom of Asgoran is founded by the Yadosian King Berthold of Donnerbruch after the free trade cities are occupied.
  • 400 b.EC The Kingdom of Hadewald is founded by Torgen Leifson.
  • 397 b.EC Meridian tribes are unified by King Mameus. The Meridian Kingdom emerges in the balance of power of the three ancient cultures.
  • 345 b.EC First Yadosian-Asgoran War.
  • 311 b.EC The Holy Staff of the Priest Emperors reappears in Thenon, Asgoran.
  • 270 b.EC Yavon is founded by influential merchants and high priests, mostly refugees from Elentrea.
  • 250 b.EC The Black Plague ravages the southern kingdoms. Nearly a third of the population is killed by the plague.
  • 231 b.EC The city of Bayard is founded on the ruins of Elentrea. The kingdom of Elentrea has finally fallen.
  • 200 b.EC Gargoyles, Titans, and Elves are now almost completely gone from the face of the world.
  • 200 b.EC Only the winged ones are familiar to humans, though not particularly close.
  • 1 b.EC Chronar appears on Tirakan, the fourth age comes to an end. The power of the gods and titans does not seem to be felt on Tirakan. Magic is as weak as never before, and for the people the time of a never hoped for blossom begins.