Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


The second age is the age of a great war. The traitors created cruel beings, the demons, to exterminate the primitive peoples of the world. The Wayfarers, for their part, created servants to watch the way of the world.

Basic tendencies

  • The great war
  • Magic is on the decline (magic level 4)
  • There are no believers (belief level 0)

Immediately Ranorh created thirteen cruel beings that descended on the world like shadows, bringing death and despair. The demons were created, and Seth'Nra brought cruel deaths with the demons. This was the beginning of the second age, the age of great battle. The devastation was great, and when the Soul Scales, which had always watched over the primitive peoples justly and well, fell into the hands of Rhodd'hrom, the four withdrawn Gods emerged from nowhere and created all at once ten gigantic Titans to watch over the world, as many as there were elements in the world. Ginae ruled the water, Zyral guarded the fire, Pailos commanded the air, Tador stood over the stones, Rogal guarded the ore, Jogran preserved the ice, Ce-Nya raised the mist, Gronar guarded the earth, Nilan guided the light and Dilae guarded the magic. The Titans waged a fierce war against the demons, and many of the ancient peoples of the world died in this war. During this time, one of the dark gods, Dhas'Garyll, realised the true cruelty of this war. But he was too weak to side with the Four and too vain to end his existence as a god. And so he renounced his divine appearance and took the form of a mortal being. He fled to the world and withdrew to a great mountain range.

The foreign wayfarers who observed the dispute of the gods felt a certain threat to a world that was still to play a role in the fabric of the worlds. They decided to send envoys to the world themselves to watch over the dispute of the gods. And so the travellers created their children in their image, the Dragons. Henceforth, the travellers themselves were known to the gods as the ancient dragons.

It was an unequal battle that raged in the world. Under the eyes of the watching dragons, the The Titans gained increasing strength and the demons were pushed back from the lands, all the way to the plains of Jaar. There, in the vast plains, the last great battle was to take place. The Titans blocked every path, they did not allow any demon a way off the plains.

While his brothers were being pushed towards the great mountain range, Wisgu had disappeared into a deep shaft in the plains. It was a shaft that dwarves called Morgalas had dug there to dig for treasure. In the depths he met Orton, the king of the Morgalas. As Wisgu particularly disliked these creatures, he pretended to offer Orton a pact. In truth, however, he enslaved the Morgalas for eternity, making them his cruel servants. The third age had dawned, the time of the servants. Wisgu made his way back to the surface, and he saw that his brothers had already fled into the mountains. The Titans surrounded them and were already very close.


  • 7000 b. EC The traitors create the demons . The second age begins. The demons created chaos and destruction in the world.
  • 6500 b. EC Created by the four brothers and sisters, the Titans appeared on earth to restore balance.
  • 6000 b. EC The great war begins. The travellers send down their children, the dragons to the world.
  • 5000 b. EC The demons are rounded up by the Titans in the Plain of Jaar. Wisgu descends and enslaves the Morgalas.
  • 5000 b. EC Brahas slays Herbarin. Dhas'Garyll creates a maw into the interior of the world. The end of the demons is sealed.