Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Little is described from the time of the ninth century. The Titans force a unification of the human empires, an emperor is chosen who represents the counterpart to the Centinaro.

Basic tendencies

  • The century of the Humans
  • The magic disappears (magic level 1)
  • The council unites the forces (faith level 5)


  • 807 EC Through messengers and intercessors, the Titans force a great gathering of the Human Realms. Under pressure from the Titans, a Council of Peoples is convened, which shall henceforth guide the destinies of mankind.
  • 808 EC Through investigations of the tower on the territory of the Silkanda it is revealed that the Quitaron are the origin of the Human Peoples. The familiar of the Humans reveals itself in the steppes of the north.
  • 810 EC The Council of Peoples elevates the Familiar of the Humans to Emperor. The Centinaro Yavons becomes his religious counterpart.
  • 811 EC A joint army leadership is proclaimed.
  • 820 EC In the unholy magic of the towers, Hanas and a lizard priest, together with some Morgalas, create a being of unimaginable shape and ferocity. Even though this entity of shadows does not come to the attention of Humans until decades later, the incident shakes the Magical World.
  • 835 EC The Church of the Thzularn announces its departure from the Alliance.
  • 842 EC The first battle of blood breaks out.
  • 843 EC Tar awakes. He is followed from now on by the Dragons.
  • 855 EC Zyral rises from the fire.