Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


The Xordai are a Dwarf people in the deep south of the continent. According to their historiography, they have been around for about 2500 years, although the neighbouring O'Grut disagree. Not much is known to Humans about this reclusive, distant people, they are only said to have made their acquaintance at the end of the 9th century.

The beliefs of the Xordai

The Xordai differ in their beliefs from most of the peoples of Tirakan. These worship in many forms the four or seven gods, who are also regarded by Humans as the highest beings in the world. The Xordai, however, pray to the two Gods Argorin and Dargumir.

''Argorin'' is the reverent one who respects life in all its forms. He is the creator who keeps the embers within the world alive. His deeds are wise, and he knows his way towards a better world without the dreadful Sethlarn.

''Dargumir'' is the Fool. He is Argorin's companion and accompanies him on the everlasting quest. Unlike Argorin, he is far from inner peace. His actions are chaotic, his works sometimes cruel. He is hopelessness, but also stands for life in the absolute now. Dargumir is attributed with destruction and death.

Although the Xordai Gods are opposites, both are worshipped in the same sense. Xordai live for about 800 years, and so death and oblivion play a rather lesser role. In addition, Dargumir is Argorin's companion, and thus deserves their respect in any case. This view has led to two currents in Xordai culture. Although the majority of the dwarven people follow Argorin's paths, there is no small group of preachers of Dargumir who follow Dargumir's teachings.


Life is shaped by the strict rites of the Xordai. The daily routine is determined by ancient customs that have always been performed at the same time of the day for hundreds of years. These customs are laid down in the Oram Xerhas, the only sacred book of the Xordai. These customs include both the ritual ablution in the morning (which can be done with water or with sand or stones) and the communal meal in the middle of the day and the more or less ritual celebration at the end of the month.

The Xordai live in communities of about 200 Dwarves hundreds of fathoms below the mountains of the south.

Fierce enemies of the Xordai are the creatures of the Sethlarn, who populate the mountains in great numbers. The legends of the Xordai say that they are relatives of the dragons, but there is no proof of this. The Sethlarn pushed the Xordai off the surface during the time of the Servants. As they invade the corridors and vaults of the Xordai from time to time, they now continue to ensure that part of the Xordai's purpose in life is to serve at arms. There is a general conscription, each Xordai sacrifices forty years of his life to protection from the Sethlarn.