Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Type Animal
Wounds 10
Protection 1
Arcana 0
Actions 2
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 7m
Perception 2
Quickness 2
Resistances -
Weaknesses -


Charge 8

The Nahrz'gu are herbivores found in the northern plains and forests. They reach a shoulder height of just under 1.7 steps and are a sturdy variety of aurochs. They have long shaggy fur and thick forward curved horns.

Their stocky stature and robustness has made them very popular with the Kroto'Chim. The bulls, if habituated early, can carry a rider, so the Orcs breed the Nahrz'gul and consume everything from them. However, there are not many Nahrz'gul riders, as breeding is difficult, and bridling is not a harmless undertaking.