Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Type Magical Being
Wounds 40
Protection 2
Arcana 15
Actions 2
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 8m
Perception 2
Quickness 1
Resistances Magic
Weaknesses Fire,Cold


Ram 10
Wild Magic 10

The shimmer whale is a 50-step long massive whale that is able to adapt its skin colour to its surroundings in dangerous situations. Due to the "shimmering" as the whalers call it, the whale can hardly be located. This is an animal that can use magic instinctively.

No wonder that among the experts of the arcane arts a fortune is paid for parts of these majestic animals. But only one or two animals are caught per year at the most, because they seem to be not only magically gifted, but also damn clever.