Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Type Magical Being
Wounds 10
Protection 1
Arcana 0
Actions 2
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 10m
Perception 4
Quickness 1
Resistances -
Weaknesses -


Bite 8
Claws 8

The common flying lizard has two legs and two leathery wings. On the ground they have to support themselves with their wings, but in the air these slender lizards are nimble and fast flyers. Their skin, covered with small green scales, offers them quite good protection, and particularly strong flying lizards can also be clad in light metal-reinforced leather armour.

Their head is long and slender with a short snout and a spine at the tip. They reach a length of about 14 paces and a wingspan of just under 20 paces. Their life span is about 45 years and as omnivores they are also quite cheap to keep. They are easy to train and school, but need a lot of affection, as they have a great play instinct, among other things.

The flight lizard riders of the O'Grut have succeeded in breeding these animals, but as they only lay 2 eggs per year, well-trained flight lizards remain expensive. Nevertheless, the O'Grut forces can afford 4 squadrons of flying lizard riders, and the acquisition of 2 new squadrons is said to be under discussion.