Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Type Animal
Wounds 10
Protection 1
Arcana 0
Actions 2
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 6m
Perception 2
Quickness 1
Resistances -
Weaknesses -


Claws 5
Choke 10

A full-grown animal measures about three steps long and weighs about five centners. Its strong legs make it an excellent climber and fast runner. The tree-ripper feeds mainly on small animals and carrion, but does not shy away from attacking other creatures in bad times. Basically, any creature smaller than itself is a possible addition to its diet.

The tree ripper got its name when it was discovered. The explorer Asmuth Wilkossen fled from the animal up a tree. However, this was of little help to him, because the creature quickly tore the tree out of the ground and tried to kill it. His helpers came to his aid at the last second.