Realms of Tirakan

Realms of Tirakan


Ancatir stands both for the Elves of the sea and for the eldest son of the Dragons, who leads the Ancatir people throughout the centuries. The Ancatir Elves live split off in the south of the continent, specializing in seafaring and living in the barren lands off the ocean.


Through a sinister whispering of the dark goddess Thzularn, Ancatir, one of the first 4 Elves to be created by the Dragons, became aware of this very ritual of creation. He used his naive brother and companion Silkanda to carry out a diabolical plan.

The other two siblings, the brother Anscharon and the only sister Atiarel, were to be forced by magic to take part in the ritual, for they still lacked a woman and a man. But the Dragons heard about this plan and intervened. Atiarel was put into stasis. Anscharon broke down at the loss of his sister and left the continent of Tirakan and settled on a large island southeast of Tirakan. Silkanda, having finally realised what he had helped to achieve, retreated to the forests in the north of Tirakan. Ancatir retreated to the south. He changed the way of life of the Ancatir. For his clan fled south in ships after the Dragons intervened. They became excellent sailors, skilful fishermen and there are even pirates there. But not much more is known about this most remote species, which does not fit the classic image of an elf.